Have Bow Will Travel –

Lan Tung (erhu/Chinese violin & vocal) +

Marina Hasselberg (cello)

Intensely emotional, exquisitely delicate, amusingly humorous, utterly mesmerizing, or vigorously explosive, in the hands of creative musicians Lan Tung and Marina Hasselberg, the versatility of the erhu (Chinese violin) and cello are displayed in full ranges. The two instruments naturally complement each other, capable of creating beautiful harmonies, graceful melodies, and energetic rhythms. Originally from Portugal, Marina performs in diverse genres, including baroque music, new music, improvisation, and interdisciplinary works that blur genre boundaries. Lan Tung transforms her Taiwanese root to cross between Vancouver’s new music, improvised music and world music scenes. Her voice either in harmony or unison with the erhu adds another dimension. Have Bow Will Travel’s music blends Chinese and European classical traditions, contrasted with creative exploration of new sonic possibilities and extended techniques. Together they deliver captivating performances with new interpretation of Chinese music and instant compositions to take the audiences on exhilarating rides.

瑪玲娜.哈索伯格 Marina Hasselberg – 大提琴
原籍葡萄牙,瑪玲娜擅長多種音樂風格,例如巴洛克、現代音樂、即興演奏、跨界表演藝術等,並將電子合成器與傳統大提琴演奏技巧相結合,創造獨特風格與獨奏曲目。瑪玲娜是溫哥華島交響樂團大提琴首席,龍吟滄海樂團成員,並經常參與溫哥華許多樂團及組織的演出,包括溫哥華現代音樂(Vancouver New Music)、溫哥華古樂(Early Music Vancouver)、轉捩點樂團(Turning Point Ensemble)、Plastic Acid Orchestra、Redshift 音樂協會、Vancouver Pro Music,及與流行樂手 Michael Bublé、Rod Stewart、Mariah Carey合作。瑪玲娜曾贏得溫哥華市長藝術獎及Jessie傑出藝術成就獎,她是NOVO室內樂團藝術總監,並獲得西安大略省大學音樂演奏碩士。

董籃 – 二胡、演唱、作曲
活躍於現代音樂、世界音樂、即興音樂的舞台上,董籃於1997年創辦蘭韻樂團(Orchid Ensemble)、2007年非鳥樂隊(Birds of Paradox)、2012年Proliferasian樂隊、2015年龍吟滄海樂團(Sound of Dragon Ensemble)。2014年創辦每兩年舉辦的龍吟滄海音樂節 (Sound of Dragon Music Festival) 並擔任藝術總監。董籃曾與溫哥華交響樂團、蒙特利爾大都會交響樂團、溫哥華跨文化管弦樂團、Nova Scotia交響樂團、阿姆斯特丹Atlas樂團、溫哥華轉捩點樂團(Turning Point Ensemble)臺灣小巨人絲竹樂團合作,演出二胡/人聲協奏曲,包括董籃自己及其他加拿大作曲家的作品。

除中國音樂外,董籃深受印度音樂、佛朗明哥、西方現代音樂、實驗性音樂的影響,其創作樂曲涵蓋室內樂、中型樂隊、爵士與世界音樂、舞台劇、舞劇、短片。董籃錄有多張唱片,贏得美國國際獨立音樂獎,及獲加拿大朱諾音樂獎、 加西音樂獎、加拿大民俗音樂獎、加拿大西岸音樂獎等多項提名。入選CBC國家廣播電台年度最佳唱片,加拿大全國大專院校校園廣播電台國際音樂播出率第二名。

董籃曾就讀臺灣師大附中、中國文化大學音樂系,並多次贏得臺灣音樂比賽二胡第一名。師事黃正銘、陳淑芬、李鎮東、吳贛伯、陳潔冰、張方鳴。聲樂老師包括郭月足與Joseph Shore。更遠赴印度、埃及、新疆、內蒙,與小提琴家Kala Ramnath、Alfred Gamil、艾捷克演奏家Abdukerim Osman、馬頭琴演奏家巴雅爾學習,將當地傳統音樂移植於二胡。於阿姆斯特丹與小提琴家Mary Oliver學習即興演奏。赴歐洲與著名作曲家/即興演奏家Barry Guy學習圖形記譜(Graphic Notation),以突破傳統五線譜作曲的框架。

Marina Hasselberg – cello
Originally from Portugal, Marina performs in diverse genres, including baroque music, new music, improvisation, and interdisciplinary works that cross genre boundaries. She is currently exploring how electronics intersect with traditional cello techniques. Marina is the principal cellist of the Vancouver Island Symphony, while also performing with Vancouver New Music, Early Music Vancouver, Sound of Dragon Ensemble, Turning Point Ensemble, Plastic Acid Orchestra, Redshift Music Society, Vancouver Pro Music, the Okanagan and Kamloops symphonies, and pop stars including Michael Bublé, Rod Stewart, and Mariah Carey. Marina has received the City of Vancouver Mayor’s Arts Award for emerging artist in Music and a Jessie award for outstanding artistic achievement. She was the featured artist at Pro Musica’s 2017 Sonic Boom Music Festival. She is the artistic director of NOVO Ensemble. Marina received a masters degree in Literature and Performance from the University of Western Ontario. 

Lan Tung – erhu & vocal
Crossing between Vancouver’s new music, improvised music and world music scenes, Lan Tung is the artistic director of Orchid EnsembleSound of Dragon Society, and Proliferasian. Lan has appeared as a soloist with Orchestre Metropolitain (Montreal) and Symphony Nova Scotia, and as a soloist/composer with Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Turning Point Ensemble, Upstream Ensemble (Halifax), Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (Vancouver & Toronto), Atlas Ensemble (Amsterdam & Helsinki), and Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra (Taipei).

Lan Tung’s music often experiments with contradictions by taking culturally specific materials outside their context. Her works embody the rhythmic intricacy from Indian influence, the sense of breath/space from Chinese tradition, and many years of experiences in interpreting contemporary Canadian compositions. Incorporating improvisation and graphic notations, Lan’s compositions and performances are released on numerous CDs, winning an International Independent Music Awards and multiple nominations by JUNO, Canadian Independent Music Awards, Canadian Folk Music Awards, and Western Canadian Music Awards.

Originally from Taiwan, Lan has studied graphic score with Barry Guy, improvisation with Mary Oliver, Hindustani music with Kala Ramnath, Uyghur music with Abdukerim Osman, and Mongolian horsehead fiddle with Bayar, in addition to her studies of Chinese music since a young age. At the Vancouver Creative Music Institute (2007-2009), she has studied and performed with Han Bennink (Holland), Barry Guy, Evan Parker, John Butcher (UK), Francois Houle, Paul Plimley…etc.