Colorful Clouds Eating the Moon彩雲吞月》– Lan Tung (2009)

- for Birds of Paradox: erhu, vocal, bansuri, electric guitar, bass (optional)

- for Lalun: erhu, vocal, hand pans, percussion

Colourful Clouds Eating the Moon is an incarnation of Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon, a famous instrumental piece from China. An Indonesian twist is apparent in the melodic and rhythmic treatments, which ends with an interlocking pattern. It is released by Birds of Paradox on its 2009 debut CD.

《彩雲吞月》(Colorful Clouds Eating the Moon,2009),二胡、人聲、長笛、電吉他,在固定結構中即興發展,並受印尼甘美朗音樂影響,收錄於非鳥樂隊專輯中。2014年改為二胡、人聲、手碟、打擊樂,加入Lalun樂隊巡迴曲目。