Crossbridge Strings 

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left to right: Lucy Strauss, Sutrisno Hartana, Joshua Zubot, James Meger, Sina Ettehad, Meredith Bates, Lan Tung, Reg Quiring

Crossbridge Strings brings together Vancouver’s diverse bowed string players from the East and the West and uses improvisation as a medium for musical exchange. Established in 2021, Crossbridge Strings is a collective of all-star improvising musicians from Indonesian, Taiwanese, Iranian, avant-garde, jazz, and western contemporary music backgrounds. Although from diverse cultures, the bowed string instruments can blend together because of their similar timbre and techniques. At the same time, distinct characters of each instrument/player can be brought to the foreground through orchestration and the control of dynamics. Multi-instrumentalist Sutrisno and Lan also bring unique vocal styles to add more colours and nuances in the mix, while bass and drum provide rhythmic foundation to support the strings.

Sutrisno Hartana – rebab & suling (Indonesian fiddle & flute), vocal
Sina Ettehad – kamanche (Iranian fiddle)
Lan Tung – erhu (Chinese fiddle) & vocal
Meredith Bates & Joshua Zubot – violin
Lucy Strauss & Reginald Quiring – viola
James Meger – bass
Lisa Cay Miller – conduction

Crossbridge Strings於2021年由來自台灣的二胡演奏家董籃創立,以跨文化的弓弦樂器組合,在即興音樂的領域帶來不同的聲響。骨幹成員包括:印尼音樂家Sutrisno Hartana,擅長印尼胡琴Rebab、笛子Suling、雙面鼓等多種樂器,以及充滿民族風格的唱腔;伊朗音樂家Sina Ettehad演奏傳統樂器Kemenche;並廣邀溫哥華著名弓弦樂器即興演奏家演奏西方的小提琴、中提琴、大提琴、倍大提琴。Crossbridge Strings活躍於跨界合作,2021年首次登台即與NOW Society、Sound of Dragon Society、多位加拿大原住民表演藝術家合作;2022年與來自台灣的視覺藝術家董籬及舞蹈家張逸軍合作,於台加藝文節登上Vancouver Playhouse演出。