Ma Cao (The Righteous Drummer)《罵曹》 – Lan Tung (2014)

- Beijing opera vocal & chamber orchestra or intercultural orchestra or Chinese orchestra

Lan was commissioned by Canadian singer-songwriter Geoff Berner to create a new arrangement of Berner’s politically charged “Victory Party”. Lan took a unique approach and blended Klezmer rhythms and Beijing Opera music in her tribute to Berner. The Beijing Opera excerpt selected told the story of a scholar/drummer criticizing the most powerful general in the late Han Dynasty in China, 2000 years ago. This opera resonates very much with the spirit of Berner’s music, and it has led to the development of “Ma Chao”, for an inter-cultural orchestra.

《罵曹》 (Ma Chao, 2014),人聲與室內樂團,融合京劇「罵曹」唱段、爵士樂風格,2015年由溫哥華跨文化管弦樂團在多倫多首演。.