Asian Market – Chapter 1. China – Lan Tung (2008)

Birds of Paradox (2010): Ron Samworth – electric guitar & effetcs, Lan Tung – erhu, Neelamjit Dhillon – saxophone

- flexible instrumentation

The most vibrant places in Asia, the markets provide great feasts to all senses. Filled with all kinds of sounds, one can image the kinds of interactions between the vendors and the customers. This piece starts with an exercise of the basic four tones/inflections in Mandarin and develops to various speech patterns to depict what you may hear at a traditional Chinese market. It is released by Birds of Paradox on its 2009 debut CD.

“… mixes discordant cries, half-heard conversations, the rattle and clatter of traffic, and the whirring and clanking of mysterious machinery into a startling, abstract portrait of a Beijing streetscape. Even if you’ve never been to the Chinese capital, it’ll put you there” – Alex Varty, Georgia Straight, July 8, 2010

《亞洲市集·第一章:中國》(Asian Market Chapter1.China,2008),為三人以上即興演奏家所作,不限樂器編制,採用純圖像記譜,作品已收錄於非鳥樂隊專輯。