Celestial Bridge

Celestial Bridge《鵲》- Lan Tung (2015), lyrics by Qin, Shaoyou(1049—1100)
– voice, zheng, percussion

Lan Tung sets this ancient Chinese classical poem in traditional style with original melody. A popular myth in Asia, the story of Weaver Woman and the Cowherd has inspired hundreds of poems. They are two gods/lovers represented by two constellations that move closer to each other once a year in the mid summer night. The legends said that their love is forbidden in the Heaven, and they are only allowed to meet one night every year for the eternity.

纖云弄巧,               Skillfully weaving the clouds
飛星傳恨,               Shooting stars delivering my sadness
銀漢迢迢暗度。      River in the Heaven, far away, quietly crossing
金風玉露一相逢,  Golden wind and jade dew once meet each other
便胜卻人間無數。  It is more joy than hundreds of years on earth
柔情似水,              Gentle love like water
佳期如夢,              The good times are like dreams
忍顧鵲橋歸路?      Look at the Magpie Bridge, which is the way to return to you
兩情若是久長時,  To have this kind of love that lasts for the eternity 
又豈在朝朝暮暮。  Never mind that we can not be together every moment

~ 宋代秦少游《鵲橋仙》