From the Stars (2017, 2018) – Lan Tung

  • erhu, vocal, zheng, cello, and percussion – released on the Orchid Ensemble’s 2024 CD “Celestial River”
  • erhu, vocal, zheng, and percussion
  • erhu, vocal, 8 cellos

Lan originally composed this piece for erhu, vocal, zheng, and percussion, premiered at the Orchid Ensemble’s 20th anniversary production of “Music of the Heavens” in Nov 2017 with multimedia projection created by the Centre for Cultural & Technology of UBC Okanagan, led by Aleksandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby. This piece uses various meters 6/8, 7/4, 10/8, 11/8. 

In the cello ensemble arrangement, the melodic line is divided between 8 cellos. and explores the percussive sounds of the cello.