Tune of Mulberry秦桑曲– Zhou Yanjia (1979), Arr. Lan Tung (2007)

- zheng accompanied by erhu & percussion

This piece is an interpretation of a poem, by the same name, of the great poet Li Bai (Li Po) of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A. D.), describing a woman’s longing for her beloved’s safe return from the western frontier. The music is composed in the wanwan qiang style, a form of regional opera of Shaanxi, the capital region of the Chinese Tang Dynasty.


The northern territory and grass sprouts new green
down here in your homeland I am already surrounded by lush mulberry trees
You have just started to plan for your return
while I go on waiting with an aching heart
 Spring breeze, I do not know you
why have you come into my chamber and blow through my bed curtains?
— Longing in Spring, Li Bai (701-762)