Xiao He Tang Shui小河淌水》- Arr. Lan Tung (2010)

- vocal, pipa, ruan, marimba; vocal, zheng, marimba

A new interpretation of the famous folk song from south west China, it features a dialogue between vocal and pipa, contrasting between lyrical and rhythmic phrasings, with rooms for improvisation.

月亮出來亮汪汪 亮汪汪哟   The rising moon shines over the river
望見月亮想起我的哥      Seeing the moon reminds me of my love in the deep mountains
哥像月亮天上走天上走    He is like the moon walking in the sky
哥呀  哥呀  哥呀      你可聽見阿妹叫阿哥    My love, do you hear me singing your name by the river.