Ghost Project

Ghost_5_fixed_-_Lan_TungThe Ghost Project explores the philosophy of yin and yang to search for a connection between humans and the spirits, expressed through abstraction and suggestion. The music combines the modes, rhythms, and interlocking patterns in Indonesian
gamelan music, with the lyrical phrasings and breath in Chinese music, and the harmonies and precision in western music. Animated visuals and Chinese calligraphy are projected on seven screens to provide a mysterious backdrop.

Animation/Media Performance/Scenography/Costume design Aleksandra Dulic

Media Arts/ Multi-instruments  Kenneth Newby

Javanese dancer/Multi-instruments Sutrisno Hartana

Composers – Sutrisno Hartana, Kenneth Newby, Farshid Samandari, Barry Truax, Lan Tung, Jin Zhang, Yawen V. Wang; Producer – Lan Tung



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August 21, 2013