Harvest of the Grapes 葡萄熟了 (1980s, arr. 2018)
– Wei Zhou 周維, arr. Lan Tung for erhu, cello, percussion
Written in the 1980s by erhu player Wei Zhou, it was inspired by Uyghur music. The Uyghur people are one of the Muslim groups living in Xinjiang, northwestern China, where large amounts of grapes of superior quality are produced in the oases.

New Year’s Eve 良宵 (1928, arr. 2016)
– Tian hua Liu (1895-1932), arr. Lan Tung for erhu & cello
Tian-hua Liu was a renowned musician, composer, and educator, who made great contributions to erhu music in the 20th Century. This piece is one of his ten famous erhu compositions, originally written for solo erhu in 1928 while he celebrated Chinese New Year’s Eve with close friends.

– Lan Tung for erhu, cello, percussion
Inspired by a Bengali folk song, this is a blend of Indian folk and classical musical elements within a contemporary framework. It embodies the cultural blend symbolized by the Silk Road.

Double Happiness 雙喜 (2014)
– Lan Tung for erhu & cello
This piece was originally commissioned by Russell Wallace for erhu and violin in 2014. In 2016, Lan re-arranged it for erhu and cello. This duet is inspired by Tian hua Liu’s erhu solo piece Birds Singing in the Mountains, written in 1928. The original erhu solo piece extended the traditional sounds of the erhu with techniques borrowed from the violin. However, in Double Happiness, Lan Tung has the western instrument playing a number of erhu techniques, including the trio glissandi and fast rolling of three fingers on the same note. The two instruments echo each other in an intricate dialogue which develops into improvisation.

Gan Sheng Ling 趕牲靈 (arr. 2016)
– Chinese folk song (Shanxi province), arr. Lan Tung for vocal, erhu, cello, percussion

the donkey that leads the caravan,
dim lights slowly approaching on this lonely road
accompanying the lights are the sound of the bells
the one with the white neck
going south
the man herding the animals
is getting closer
if you are my beloved
wave your hand
if you are not,
keep on going

Rain Crossing (2015)
– Lan Tung for erhu & cello
Selected from a series of works written for TomoeArts Society’s dance theatre production “Weaver Woman”, the duet shifts freely between the composition and improvisation.

Autumn Moonlight on the Peaceful Lake 平湖秋月 (1930, arr. 2016)
– Wen Cheng Lui 呂文成 (1898-1981), arr. Lan Tung for erhu, cello, percussion
Named after one of the ten famous view points of the West Lake in Hangzhou, it was first recorded/released by a Shanghai record company in 1930. Wen Cheng Lui was a multi-instrumentalist, opera singer, and composer. His many well-known works have become the classics of Cantonese music, a chamber ensemble style formed in the cities in Canton in the early 1900s.